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Wrongful Death
If your loved one recently passed as the result of another’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongful act, you may be permitted to pursue legal recourse and financial compensation by filing a Texas wrongful death claim. With the assistance of an experienced and compassionate legal team led by David McQuade Leibowitz, you will have the support and representation needed to obtain the justice and the compensation you rightfully deserve.
Elements of a wrongful death lawsuit
When you work with David McQuade Leibowitz, the elements that are crucial to achieving a favorable outcome to you case will be identified, reviewed, and fully prepared for trial if need be. In order to craft an effective wrongful death claim, the following legal elements must be addressed.
A death occurred
This death was more than likely than not caused by another’s negligent behavior, or by another’s intentional misconduct. Surviving family members suffered emotional and monetary loss as a result of the death. Whether through medical malpractice, occupational exposure to hazardous chemical, motor vehicle accident, or criminal behavior, wrongful death lawsuits require the advanced skills of a legal professional.
Only with experienced legal help on your side can you confidently approach a case of wrongful death, and then work toward seeking the compensation that you and your family deserve in the aftermath of losing a loved one. David McQuade Leibowitz is here to help you do exactly that.
Pecuniary Damages – What are they?
The primary way in which damages are measured for a wrongful death case is through pecuniary – or financial – injury. As defined by the court system, pecuniary damages are those that reflect loss in:
Financial support
Inheritance prospects
Medical and funeral expenses
Wrongful death laws typically provide for the award of damages that reflect fair and just compensation in accordance with the pecuniary injuries that resulted from the death of the decedent, as well as other emotional injuries suffered by a decedent’s loved ones.
David McQuade Leibowitz understands the difficulty of losing a loved one. If the loss of your loved one was caused by another’s negligence or wrongful act, David McQuade Leibowitz is here to support you through these tough times and fight aggressively on your behalf for the justice and compensation you deserve.
Wrongful Death
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