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Construction Accidents
Suffering an injury or illness on the job can be a frightening experience. Aside from your physical well-being, injuries and illnesses can also negatively impact your personal and financial life. In the event that a work-related injury or illness occurs, workers may have a right to pursue compensation for the expenses associated with the accident. However, many valid claims are unfairly reduced or denied, so it is in your best interests to retain David McQuade Leibowitz to represent you and your financial interests throughout this process.
Workers’ compensation is not required in Texas, which is why David McQuade Leibowitz is prepared to handle your third party claim if you were injured on the job. Some of the types of work-related accidents and injury cases that David McQuade Leibowitz has handled include the following:


It is an unfortunate fact that Texas has one of the highest incidences of construction site injuries in our nation. Construction accidents can take place when workers are not properly trained on how to use heavy machinery, or when supervisors or employers fail to provide proper safety measures. Whether you are injured in a crane accident, slip and fall injury, elevator accident, or any other type of construction accident, you can count on David McQuade Leibowitz to protect your rights.
Exposure to toxic chemicals can sometimes result in serious burns and lifelong pain. If you have suffered a chemical burn while at work, you should take action to investigate your accident in order to determine the exact cause and who is responsible.
The Federal Employers Liability Act was created to offset the significant dangers inherent with working in the railroad industry. Railroad jobs are particularly hazardous because workers are always at risk for being hit by oncoming trains and/or electrocution. Even if you are sure that you have a valid claim under FELA, there is no guarantee that you will receive the amount of compensation that you deserve without the help of David McQuade Leibowitz.


One of the most dangerous aspects of working in an industrial workplace is the heavy industrial machinery that is used during everyday operations. Drill presses, forklifts, cranes and other equipment are notorious for breaking down or malfunctioning without warning. David McQuade Leibowitz has helped many accident victims who have suffered harm while on the job in these workplaces.

The Jones Act was created in 1920 to protect the rights of the injured seaman to seek compensation from their employers. This Act makes it possible for offshore workers and seaman to sue their employer in a personal injury lawsuit. In order to be successful with this type of claim, you must be able to prove that your employer is responsible for your injuries through negligence or unseaworthiness of the vessel on which you are working.
The maritime industry is full of dangerous jobs, and commercial divers, sailors, seamen and others in this industry must continually be on the alert for accidents. Unfortunately, many of the accidents that happen in this industry can be avoided through proper training and reasonable safety measures. If you have been injured in an accident in the maritime industry, you have the best chance at recovering compensation through the Jones Act.

The oil and gas industry is booming in Texas, and yet many of the workers who are hired to work in this industry do not receive the proper level of training that is needed. Fracking and other techniques for extracting oil and natural gas are particularly dangerous and there is always a possibility of fires or explosions.
Have you been injured working on the railroad or by using the railroad for transportation? The types of railroad accidents include explosions, derailment, falling objects, exposure to toxic chemicals, and the failure of devices and equipment. Whether you have suffered broken bones, spine injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or any other type of injury while working on the railroad, David McQuade Leibowitz is here to help you pursue maximum compensation.

If you’re suffering from an injury or illness that was sustained during the completion of your job duties, then you may be eligible to seek workers’ compensation. The benefits offered to you through workers’ comp allow for financial and medical support as you recover from the injury or illness from which you are suffering.
With many years of experience on his side, David McQuade Leibowitz is prepared to stand up for your rights today. He will provide you with the honest, reliable counsel that you need and will never back down from a challenging injury case.
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