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 Train Accidents
Train accidents are one of the most serious types of accidents that take place in our country. They frequently result in either injury or death for everyone who is closely involved. In fact, according to the Federal Railroad Administration Safety Analysis Office, there were more than 10,843 train accidents reported in 2016 throughout the United States, with 813 fatalities. With over 420 miles of single tracks  San Antonio is no stranger to these types of accidents.

Types of Train Accidents
There are numerous types of train accidents and the laws surrounding these accidents can be exceedingly complicated. Some of the common types of train accident litigation include the following:
Auto-train collisions
Train collisions
Hazardous material spills
Pedestrian-train accidents
Your first priority after a train accident should be to receive the medical attention that you need. From there, David McQuade Leibowitz will help you determine who is to blame for your accident and gather the pertinent evidence you need. Keep in mind that the train system in our county is regulated by the federal government, which makes liability a difficult thing to establish without the expertise knowledge of David McQuade Leibowitz. He understands that you are dealing with serious injuries and the emotional trauma of your accident, and he will do everything in his power to secure the help and compensation you deserve.

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