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Barnett Shale Injuries
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there were nearly 1,189 oilfield workers who died on the job between 2000 and 2013. Texas is the leading state in our country for oil production and gas extraction, and as a result, many of the injuries and deaths in the industry take place in Texas.
There are several factors that account for the increasing rates of injury and death in oilfields, and one of the primary causes is a dramatic increase in the amount of drilling that takes place. This results in the number of oil and gas jobs in Texas steadily increasing, yet many of the workers who are joining this industry are inexperienced. An inexperienced workforce can bring a great risk of injury and unsafe drilling methods, and many of these jobs have no entry level requirements or apprenticeship programs.
In addition, non-compliance with safety rules has also been a problem in this industry, and the oil and gas industry spends millions of dollars every year lobbying and using political efforts to reduce and eliminate safety restrictions and requirements.
Drilling rigs, gas pipelines, and oil fields are notoriously dangerous places to work. The employer has a duty to protect its workers from accidents which can result in serious injuries or death. Claiming damages from the large oil and gas drilling companies can be challenging, as they typically have powerful legal defense teams. David McQuade Leibowitz is ready to take on your case, no matter how difficult it may be.
Whether you have suffered a traumatic injury in an oil field explosion or if you have grounds for a toxic tort lawsuit for exposure to asbestos or chemical fumes, David McQuade Leibowitz will fight aggressively to help you recover the full amount you deserve, following his motto, “Leibowitz Never Quits!”

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