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Statistically, motorcycle accidents result in more injuries and fatalities than any other type of traffic accident. The Texas Department of Transportation reported that in 2016 there were 9,363 motorcyclists injured and 496 motorcyclists killed in the state of Texas.
Motorcycles are difficult to see and hear. They are lightweight and compact in size, and riders have little protection. Despite common stereotypes that motorcyclists are risk takers and thrill seekers, most riders are careful and ride defensively. Statistical studies have demonstrated that car drivers are at fault in the majority of collisions between motorcycles and cars, but the rider is far more likely to be injured, due to the fact that the bike offers none of the safety equipment available in a car. As a result, when riders do suffer injuries, many experience catastrophic injuries that require serious medical procedures and/or long-term care. For these reasons, the need for full compensation in motorcycle accident cases is elevated.
Common causes of motorcycle accidents for which injured riders may be able to recover compensation include:
         Negligent Drivers: Negligent and inattentive drivers pose the largest threat to motorcyclists.
         Distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and any motorist who fails to uphold their duty to drive safely             can be held accountable for causing a preventable motorcycle accident.
         Road Hazards: Potholes, debris, oil slicks, and water puddles can present little to no problems                 for drivers of standard-size motor vehicles. For motorcyclists, however, these “minor” road                       hazards can result in major accidents. In some cases, the injured may be able to pursue                               compensation from those responsible for road hazards.
If you or someone you care about has been injured in a motorcycle accident – or if you have lost a loved one in a preventable motorcycle collision – allow David McQuade Leibowitz, a compassionate and experienced injury attorney, to fight on your behalf.
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