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If you have recently been injured in a car accident, work-related accident or any other type of accident, your life may be in turmoil. The pain, suffering and emotional distress you have experienced may be considerable, and your family may still be recovering from the shock of the accident.

You may also have considerable bills for emergency medical care, ambulance transportation and/or hospitalization, as well as any current medical treatments you require and any future care you will need to get back to health. On top of everything else, you may have been forced out of work for a long period of time, leaving your family with little to no income to support your family’s basic needs. Unless you take a stand now, you could be on the brink of financial disaster.

You can find help in resolving this difficult situation by coming to The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz. Since 1982 David McQuade Leibowitz has been fighting for Texans through hard work and perseverance embodying his motto “Leibowitz Never Quits.” With over 35 years’ experience, David McQuade Leibowitz brings expertise not only as a top trial attorney who advocates for the rights of victims and their families, but also as an elected official who has represented the interests of all Texans while authoring, or co-authoring, the laws that govern personal injury cases in the state of Texas.

There are countless attorneys in San Antonio who would be more than happy to take on your case, but few can match David McQuade Leibowitz’s credentials. When you choose The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz, P.C. you choose a firm dedicated to personal attention with a proven history of success and a unique, intricate knowledge of the Texas legal system.

At most firms, the client is delegated to a paralegal or an assistant, and is left feeling like a number or simply a “case.” That will never be the satiation at The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz. When you come to Attorney Leibowitz for help, you will have a dedicated advocate on your side, who will personally handle your case with the persistence and meticulousness you deserve. Your time, health and overall well-being are important and should be handled with the personalized attention you deserve.  From your initial consultation, through any negotiations and even through a trial if necessary, David McQuade Leibowitz will bring his knowledge and experience to you case as he stands beside you to fight for you and your family until he reaches the result he is seeking and YOU deserve.

The is no substitution for experience and David McQuade Leibowitz’s public service experience gives him a tremendous advantage when it comes to fight for you and your loved ones. During his years as an elected member of the Texas House of Representatives, David McQuade Leibowitz served on the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, a committee whose purpose was to influence and write civil procedure and civil laws in Texas Courts. What does this mean for you? It means that the person defending your rights spent years shaping and writing the very laws that control your case. It means you will have an attorney who intimately knows the laws of Texas in a way no other attorney who has not served in the Legislature can. David McQuade Leibowitz’s knowledge is YOUR unique advantage.

During this challenging time, you need to make sure that you have the absolute best on your side. The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz are here to serve you and your family during this turbulent time. You deserve the best and at The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz you will be provided with only the best. The fight for YOUR rights and the financial compensation YOU deserve begins when you contact The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz.

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