Barnett Shale Injuries
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Eagle Ford Shale Injuries
Oil Field Accidents
Eagle Ford Shale Injuries
The Eagle Ford Shale is located in ________________________, and has been the site of extensive oil and natural gas drilling activity in recent years. It is named for __________________. It is a vestige of the sea that laid over our region in ancient times, and is a major factor in our state’s economic future, as the demand for natural gas increases and the price of oil on the worldwide commodity markets continues to rise.
Drilling operations in the Eagle Ford Shale brings the prospect of jobs and revenue, but it also poses a major risk of serious injuries and death for drill site workers. Oil and gas explosions can cause devastating injuries to the victims, with extensive burns as well as physical trauma such as broken bones or brain injuries. There is also a high risk of toxic exposure, both from chemical spills and inhaling fumes.
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