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The Jones Act
Coming in various shapes and sizes, dredgers are used to clear the bottom of rivers and shallow coastal waters to ensure that ships can easily pass through the waters. Employing heavy machinery, dredging is dangerous work especially if there are not proper safety precautions in place. Not only is it important for the machinery used to be up to safety standards, the operators of such machines must be properly trained. The result of subpar machinery or improperly trained workers can range from injuries to death.
There are other hazards to dredging including the long hours and inclement weather which can contribute to accidents, injuries or death. There are also pollutants or other substances in the water which can have a negative health impact on dredger workers. Although dredging is important to the public and to commerce, it is dangerous work that can lead to serious injuries and/or death to its workers.
If dredge workers are injured or killed as the result of their employer’s negligence, there are rights and protections supported by federal maritime laws. Since dredge workers are concerned seamen for the purposes of the Jones Act, damages for injuries or death may be recovered in court.
If you or a loved one are a dredge worker who has been injured or killed in an accident, it is important that you have a legal expert on your side. David McQuade Leibowitz will fight for your family to ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled and deserve.

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