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 Unlike more urbanized states, Texas is known for its wild landscape and untamed rural areas. While beautiful, and often the main allure for the Lone Star State, it is not without its hazards. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2014 more than 51 percent of all car accidents occurred on rural roads, with drivers dying over two times more often in car accidents on rural roads, as opposed to urban highways. In 2016, the Texas Department of Transportation reported a total of 130,856 rural car crashes throughout our state. 17,856 of those accidents included possible injuries as a result of the accident and 1,690 of those accidents included a fatality. These staggering statistics clearly demonstrate the dangers associated with rural areas.

Why do rural roads present such a hazard?

There are many reasons, but a lot of it has to do with the change in behavior when drivers are on rural roads. For example, drivers are more likely to speed on these roads due to less traffic and less threat 
of law enforcement. It also causes many drivers to ignore their seatbelt, driving while intoxicated, or even become more easily distracted. Naturally, accidents that occur in rural areas are made even more dangerous by the remoteness. Should a crash occur, and emergency help is called, it could take exponentially more time for help to arrive, which can result in worsened medical conditions.

Beyond the increased risk of dangerous driver behavior, one of the biggest hazards regarding rural roads is the outdated design. Many rural roads do not get the regular upkeep of those near more populated areas. This can lead to narrow lanes, sharp curves, steep ditches, and brush that is much closer to the road than on an interstate. This leaves very little room for error. If cars get to close, if a driver swerves, if a tire blows – all of these situations can lead to catastrophic and even fatal car crashes occurring.

You deserve compensation if you have been injured on a rural road

Despite the fact that there are almost three times as many traffic lanes in rural areas, federal spending is almost cut in half. That leaves endless roads throughout Texas that are just time bombs waiting to happen. For this reason, if you or someone you care about has suffered a car accident on a South Texas county road, you should not hesitate to seek the involvement of David McQuade Leibowitz.

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