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Brain Injuries
There is no denying that some work zones are simply more hazardous than others. However, the fact does not, and should not, justify any type of work-related accident that may have been sustained while on the job, especially those involving chemical burns. Construction sites, oil fields,  and even some offshore work leave employees of these professions at serious risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals that could cause significant injury for those who come in contact with them. The same is true for almost all industrial work places,  as chemicals are almost inherent to the makeup of such facilities.
If you were involved in an accident that left you unexpectedly exposed to toxic chemicals, even if your exposure was more subtle and happened over a long period of time, you are legally entitled to compensation for the effects of such exposure. Companies in work environments of every nature are required to provide safe working conditions for the individuals who report to work with regularity. When they fail to do so, severe injuries and illnesses can be easily sustained, as is the case with chemical burn victims. Fortunately, for the unlucky recipients of such harmful exposure, David McQuade Leibowitz is on hand to help.
At The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz, P.C. your situation is important. Upon contacting the office, you can feel confident in David McQuade Leibowitz’s ability to effectively represent you in a way that will be most likely to earn you the compensation you deserve after being wrongfully harmed on the job. Therefore, we encourage you to call the office today to schedule an appointment.
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