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While some car accidents can only be attributed to chance or bad luck, a large percentage of motor vehicle collisions are preventable, and are the fault of one of the drivers involved. When you have been injured in a car crash that was caused by another driver's negligent or reckless driving, you are entitled to claim damages in a personal injury settlement.​​
Uninsured Motorist

Car accidents frequently result in serious injuries for the victims, especially when they occur at high speeds. Brain injuries are common, when the victim's head is thrown into the steering wheel after an airbag fails to deploy, as well as when the head collides with the vehicle frame or window. Injuries to the neck and spinal cord can range from whiplash, which may cause severe pain and restricted range of motion, to paralysis injuries such as paraplegia or quadriplegia, resulting in partial or total disability.

Suffering injuries in a car accident can be a devastating experience, leaving the victim with enormous medical bills and a long period of recovery. The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz, P.C. has dedicated more than 30 years of experience to the practice of personal injury law. As such, DML is more prepared than ever to take on cases of every nature, especially those concerning car accidents that have left one or more individuals seriously injured or otherwise harmed. From the property damage that can be caused in a car accident, to the emotional duress that is sometimes brought on in situations of this nature, DML covers it all, and at no upfront cost to you.

DML Will fight for full compensation for injuries resulting from a car accident

DML’s goal in every car accident lawsuit that he accepts is to help the client recover full compensation for the accident, including medical bills for emergency treatment, hospitalization and any type of physical therapy or ongoing care which may be necessary. He can also pursue compensation for reconstructive surgery which you may require for disfigurement caused by your accident. Your settlement should also be large enough to cover your lost income in the past and future, as well as the pain and suffering you have been forced to experience.

Leibowitz never quits and DML will fight to get the compensation YOU deserve.