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Brain Injuries
Generally speaking, a burn injury is any damage to your body’s flesh caused by heat, chemicals, electrocution or radiation. According to the American Burn Association in 2016 , there were 486,000 burn injuries that required medical treatment and 40,000 hospitalizations related to burn injuries. The most common causes of burn injuries were scalds, hot liquids, steam, fires and flammable liquids. Sometimes, severe burn injuries result in permanent medical complications or scarring.
Burn injuries fall into four categories, depending on the severity of the injury. First degree burns are usually mild and do not require extensive medical attention – unless a large portion of the victim’s body is covered by the burn. Sunburns are a common example of a first degree burn. To treat a first degree burn, run the injury under cool (not cold) water for several minutes. An over-the-counter pain reliever may be taken to reduce pain. Like first degree burns, second degree burns may not require serious medical treatment. Second degree burns affect the first and second layer of the skin and may be considered mild unless a large portion of the body has been burnt or the burned area covers a major joint.
Unlike first and second degree burns, third and fourth degree burns are extremely serious – even life-threatening. Third and fourth degree burns affect all layers of the victim’s skin and are identifiable by charring. In extreme cases, the burn may affect the muscles, tendons, and bones under the skin. If you encounter a severe burn injury victim, call for medical assistance immediately and treat the victim for any symptoms of shock until emergency medical services arrive.
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