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Eagle Ford Shale Injuries
The Barnett Shale, named after John W. Barnett, has been recognized as having one of the most massive reservoirs of natural gas in our country, as well as substantial quantities of oil. It figures largely in the future of our state’s economy, as many of the large oil and gas companies plan to fully develop it using new techniques such as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” to extract the maximum possible amount of oil and gas from the shale.
While this promises a great deal of prosperity for the future, it also increases the likelihood that oil field workers will suffer serious injuries or even death in preventable accidents. Anyone who has worked on an oil rig or gas pipeline can tell you about the dangers inherent in such a worksite as the entire crew is at risk of major hazards such as oil and gas explosions and toxic chemical exposure.
If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an oil field accident in the Barnett Shale, that accident may be covered by workers’ compensation. If your medical expenses, future lost income and pain and suffering are substantial, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be your best option. David McQuade Leibowitz will fight to recover the compensation you deserve for the injuries or death of a loved one for which you have suffered.
Oilfield Accidents