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"As a young lawyer, I felt burdened by the desire to 'wave a magic wand' and have my badly injured clients regain their health to the point where they were before they got injured. I learned quickly that no one on Earth had that kind of power. Everything I fight for today serves two main purposes: First, to make sure that when my clients have been injured or suffered damages because an insurance company, big corporation, or an individual person did not do what they were supposed to do, my clients have enough money to feed and provide shelter for their families, to pay for any past medical bills, and to make sure that they can pay for any future medical attention they might need after an injury. Second, to make sure that those responsible for causing the injury or damages are punished for not doing what they were to supposed to do and causing harm to my clients. I want to make sure that the actions, procedures, products, or contracts that caused my clients harm are changed so that the same harm does not happen to someone else in the future." - David McQuade Leibowitz

With over 35 years' of experience, The Law Offices of David McQuade Leibowitz, P.C. offers unparalleled representation to victims of accidents or those injured due to another person’s negligence. Whether it is against an insurance company, an individual or a big corporation, Attorney Leibowitz is ready to fight for his clients. Attorney Leibowitz stands apart from the rest because he truly cares about his clients and strives to use his extensive resources and experience to their advantage. While he knows that accidents, injuries, and clients are always different and that legal strategies should be tailored to specific circumstances, he never changes his goal of fighting aggressively to obtain the compensation that his clients deserve.